2017 Fall Student Research Symposium

On November 17th, the Department’s second year students presented their Masters Research to the CHP community.

Presenter Faculty Mentor Presentation Title
Molly Basch David M. Janicke, Ph.D., ABPP  The Impact of Child and Mother Weight Cues on Virtual Human
Pediatric Clinical Judgment: An Idiographic Approach
Vivian Bauman Michael G. Perri, Ph.D., ABPP Effect of Dose of Behavioral Obesity Treatment on HbA1c
in Adults with Prediabetes
Abe Eastman Kathryn Ross, Ph.D. Staying on Track: The Association Between Perceived Effort, Importance,
and Self-Weighing Behavior
Andrea Fidler David Fedele, Ph.D. Children with Cystic Fibrosis & Their Caregivers: Coping, Sleep, & Hospitalizations
Janae Kirsch Deidre Pereira, Ph.D. Sleep Latency and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor In
Long-Term Endometrial Cancer Survival
Charles Moreno Russell Bauer, Ph.D., ABPP Relationship of amyloid beta to regional cortical thinning and memory
in diverse populations of the 1Florida ADRC cohort
Adaixa Padron Deidre B. Pereira, Ph.D. Dyadic Relationships among Sense of Mastery, Cancer-Related Distress, and Salivary Cortisol
in Patients and Caregivers Impacted by Advanced Abdominal and Pelvic Malignancies: Actor-Partner
Interdependence Model (APIM) Analyses
Rachel Sweenie David Fedele, Ph.D.  Subjective Socioeconomic Status in Youth with Asthma
Elle Wiggins Catherine Price, Ph.D., ABPP  Leukoaraiosis Dominates Frontal and Periventricular White Matter
for Non-Demented Older Adults
Jessica Zakrzewski Carol A. Mathews, Ph.D.
William Perlstein, Ph.D.
Effect of Treatment on Neurocognitive Function in a Treatment Seeking
Sample of Individuals with Hoarding Disorder


Students and Faculty also received awards for research, teaching and service accomplishments during the past year.


Student Award Recipient
Molly Harrower Memorial Award
for Excellence in Psychodiagnostic Assessment
Aviva Ariel-Donges
Florence Shafer Memorial Award
for Excellence in Psychotherapeutic Counseling
Mallory Netz
CHP Student Research Award
for Excellence in Clinical Psychology Research
Breton Asken
Nathan W. Perry Scientist-Practitioner Memorial Scholarship
for Excellence in Integrating Science and Practice
Marie Chardon
Eileen Fennell Graduate Student Teaching Award
for Excellence in Teaching
Elizabeth Kacel
Geoffrey Clark-Ryan Memorial Award
for Excellence in Pediatric Psychology Research
Jennifer Warnick
Health Psychology Research Award
for Excellence in Health Psychology Research
Aviva Ariel-Donges
Robert and Phyllis Levitt Neuropsychology Award
for Excellence in Clinical Neuropsychology Research
Breton Asken
Jenny Sivinski Memorial Award
for Excellence in Community Service
 Aviva Ariel-Donges


Faculty Award Recipient
Audrey Schumacher Award
for Excellence in Teaching Clinical Psychology
Dr. David Fedele
Hugh C. Davis Award
for Excellence in Clinical Supervision
Dr. Jessica Payne-Murphy
Research Mentorship Award
for Excellence in Research Mentoring
Dr. Michael Marsiske