How to Apply & Find a Mentor (2025-2026 Academic Year)


Applications for Admission in the Fall 2025 semester are due November 15, 2024, no later than 11:59 PM.

The application system is programmed to shut off at 11:59 PM. Please do not wait until the last minute to submit your application. Applications received after 11:59 PM will not be accepted.


Our Clinical and Health Psychology Ph.D. program only accepts applications in November annually.

Students who are admitted for this application cycle will begin the Ph.D. program in August of 2025.
We do not offer a terminal master’s degree. We do not accept applications for a Master’s of Science degree.

Admissions Cycle Timeline

Timeline date
Application Deadline November 15, 2024
Application Review November – December 2024
Interview Offers Extended December 2024
Group & Individual Interviews January 2025
Admission Offers Extended February – March 2025
Deadline to Accept/Decline Admission Offers April 15, 2025


Faculty Accepting Students

A list of faculty accepting students for Fall 2025 will be posted here in September.



Many questions can be answered by reviewing the Admissions section of this website. For additional information regarding Ph.D. Program Admissions, please email


UF Admissions Graduate School Application

You will not be able to edit this application after submission. Due to Tip #2 below, you will not be able to monitor the status of your application materials until 24-48 hours after submitting your online application. This includes checking status of your Letters of Recommendation. Please keep this in mind when planning to submit your application.

It is STRONGLY advised the you do not wait until November 15 to submit this part of the application. Ideally, you should submit this by 11/13. The Supplemental Application is the more critical part of your application.


Clinical & Health Psychology Supplemental Application

There is no cost/fee associated with this application. It is best to review the application in advance of when you plan to enter information or submit it.

At the end of the Supplemental Application, you MUST make note of the return code (click here to see an image of this screen) or you will NOT be able to access the application again. All information must be submitted by the application deadline.



Only unofficial transcripts are necessary to apply for consideration. Send unofficial transcripts the UF Office of Admissions and upload them in Clinical & Health Psychology’s Supplemental Application.

Official transcripts from ALL institutions the applicant attended are required ONLY when admitted to the program. Transcripts from a study abroad program are not needed if the courses are listed on the student’s home institution transcript.

For questions about international transcripts see this page:


Letters of Reccommendation

You are required to obtain three (3) letters of recommendation that must be submitted through the Graduate School Application in Step 1 by the application deadline 11/15. 

Please advise your recommenders that the online recommendation submission form has a limited word count. If copying and pasting the letter from another program, they should be certain that the entire letter has been pasted.  It is preferable for the recommenders to type directly into the form. Letters cannot exceed two single-spaced pages.

Additionally, once “Submit Recommendation Request” has been clicked, we cannot tell you if your recommenders have submitted their letter. If you need to check please, use the button below or contact the UF Office of Admissions: 352-392-1365.

All applicants must submit ALL parts of the application to be considered for admission to the Clinical and Health Psychology Doctoral Program. If one part of the application is submitted, but not the others, the applicant’s materials will NOT be reviewed.



FAQs & Tips for Applying

tip # 1

UF Admissions Graduate School Application

You MUST select the correct “Program of Study” for us to receive your application. Please read the instructions to do so here.

Statement of Purpose Prompt: Explain your purpose for graduate study, including your current degree goals and reasons for selecting Clinical Psychology. Be sure to describe your interest areas in clinical psychology, your career plans, and why you are a good fit for our program in 400-500 words. Be sure to state how these align with the Scientist-Practitioner Model within Health Services Psychology.

This statement can be the same content that you submit in the Personal Statement section of the Clinical and Health Psychology Supplemental Application.

tip # 2

UF Admissions Graduate School Application

Approximately 24-48 hours after submitting your online application, your 8-digit UF Identification Number (UFID) will be available on the status of your application. Use the same username and password used to submit your CollegeNET application.

You can check the receipt of materials using the Check Status button below. This page will only reflect information concerning materials forwarded directly to the Office of Admissions and does not include materials that are required to be sent directly to your academic unit.

tip # 4


When ordering transcripts by PDF, please be aware that the University of Florida’s Office of Admissions only accepts PDF transcripts from Parchment, National Clearing House, and eScript. The email address for receipt of these transcripts is
If mailing transcripts, they should be mailed to:

University of Florida Office of Admissions
1478 Union Road
Gainesville, FL 32611-1942

tip # 5

International Applicants

For international applicants, UF will accept alternative indicators of English language proficiency in lieu of IELTS and TOEFL scores if both tests are unavailable to the applicant. Alternatives could include:

– TOEFL ITP Plus for China scores (click for details: TOEFL ITP China)
– Pearson PTE Academic scores (click for details: PTE Academic)
– Duolingo scores (click for details: Duolingo)
– Documented departmental interviews (in person or via Skype/Zoom)
– Documentation of extensive experience with living and working in an English-language environment
– Any combination of these alternatives

tip # 6

GRE Scores

Official GRE Scores are WAIVED.

The GRE General Test and GRE Psychology Subject Test are NOT required for admissions.

Scores included in your application will be removed before the Admissions Committee review. The is to ensure equity among all applicants.

tip # 7


Describe pertinent work history, applied and research experience, papers published, honors obtained, and special computer and language proficiencies. 

Please attach the resume/CV in a PDF format to both the University of Florida’s online application and Clinical and Health Psychology Supplemental application.

Tip # 8

Data on Accepted Students

Recent statistics suggest that the average first-year student has a an undergraduate GPA of 3.63. For more information see Student Admissions, Outcomes and Other Data.

All students had, in addition to didactic preparation, some practical experience of a clinical or research nature prior to enrollment.

The admission committee places particular emphasis on prior research experience, the breadth, and quality of the undergraduate preparation in basic science and psychology, letters of recommendation, and personal statements.

Tip #9

Letters of Recommendation

In the UF Graduate School Application, once “Submit Recommendation Request” has been clicked, we cannot tell you if your recommenders have submitted their letter. If you need to check please, use the button below or contact the UF Office of Admissions: 352-392-1365.

If you list three recommenders in the CHP Supplemental Application, your application will NOT be penalized if your recommenders submit their letter late. However, we can not guarantee that it will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee if submitted late.

Many questions can be answered by reviewing the Admissions section of this website. For additional information regarding Ph.D. Program Admissions, please email Please follow all of these steps to ensure your application is complete.