Undergrad Research Volunteer Instructions

Prior to beginning volunteer service, all students are required to complete and submit the documents below:

  1. Hiring Form

The below forms will also need to be uploaded.

  • Include any restricted PHHP computer drives to which you need access
  • Check with the supervisor if you will have patient contact and mark accordingly
  • Have the supervisor sign off (electronic approval acceptable).

2. Record of Volunteer Service Form

  • Be sure to complete name/relationship/phone # of two references in the “supervisor” section
  • Have supervisor sign off (electronic approval acceptable)

3. Emergency Contact Form

4. Complete HIPAA for Researchers

  • Send the certificate of completion as an email attachment
  • Training transcript from myufl also acceptable as proof of valid HIPAA training

5. Complete UF Confidentiality Statement

  • Send as an email attachment

6. If you will be volunteering for credits, complete the CLP 3911 Registration Form and submit it to Melissa Naidu, Academic Coordinator after completing steps 1-5 above to be registered.

Please note it is encouraged that all forms be scanned or sent electronically. For hard copies, please submit to Aliye Karakoyun, HR Office Assistant, in HPNP 3151.

Patient Contact Forms

If you will be in contact with patients, you must also complete a health assessment and the forms listed under “Patient Contact” found here:

  1. Pre-placement Screening Patient Contact Form
  2. N-95 Respirators Medical History Questionnaire
  3. TB Surveillance Form

Contact Aliye Karakoyun, who will submit the INOP form that alerts the Student Health Care Center (SHCC) that a patient contact assessment is needed. Once INOP has been submitted, the volunteer will be notified they can call the SHCC to set up their appointment time and given further instruction. Please be aware the department will not be responsible for volunteer health assessment charges.

Please be aware the department will not be responsible for volunteer health assessment charges.