Admission Requirements – Ph.D. in Clinical & Health Psychology

Courses & experience

Minimum Requirements for Admission

Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree is required. Although a psychology major at the undergraduate level is preferred, we accept applications from students with degrees in other disciplines.

Most psychology programs will fulfill the coursework component required.

We also accept student’s who hold or are in a Master’s Degree program. However, this will not decrease the length of time you spend in this program.


Successful completion of 2 or more graduate- or undergraduate-level courses in Psychology courses focused on Discipline-Specific Knowledge:
– History and Systems of Psychology
– Affective Aspects of Behavior
– Biological Aspects of Behavior
– Cognitive Aspects of Behavior
– Developmental Aspects of Behavior
– Social Aspects of Behavior
We do not provide a specific list of courses in these areas.

Recommended Experience

A minimum of 1-2 semesters as a research assistant in a laboratory conducting psychological research.

Publications or presentations of research serve as evidence of the quality of the applicant’s work.

Other Coursework & Preparation

Courses must be taken at a regionally accredited college or university and noted on an official transcript with a grade of C+ or better.

A History and Systems of Psychology taken as an undergraduate course may be substituted for the required graduate-level course.

We also recommend additional courses in:
– Life-science (e.g., biology, chemistry, physics, health science)
– Statistics (e.g., multiple regression)
– Research methods and design


What to Know about the Admissions Process?

Admissions Cycle Timeline

Event Date
Application Deadline November 15, 2023
Application Review November – December 2023
Interview Offers Extended December 2023
Group & Individual Interviews January 2024
Admission Offers Extended February – March 2024
Deadline to Accept/Decline Admission Offers April 15, 2024

After the Application Deadline

The admissions committee makes every effort to contact all applicants. Those in the final selection pool are invited to interview via email. Typically 10-15 students are admitted each fall from a pool of over 300 applicants. 

Offers of Admission

The Department of Clinical and Health Psychology adheres to the Guidelines for Graduate School Offers and Acceptances adopted by the Council of University Directors of Clinical Psychology (CUDCP) and to Admissions policies established by the Council of Graduate Schools. The CUDCP guidelines can be found here

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