Frequently Asked Questions

When are applications due to the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology? 

  • Applications are due November 15 to join the cohort of the following Fall semester.

Are applications accepted for the Spring or Summer? 

  • No. Applications are only accepted to begin in the Fall. 

Do you offer a master’s program? 

  • Students may enter the program with a bachelor’s degree and will earn their master’s along the way with the intention of continuing to the Ph.D. 

Do I need to separately apply for an assistantship? 

  • No. Any student accepted to the Clinical psychology Ph.D. program will be appointed as a Graduate Assistant with an annual stipend of at least $25,000 accompanied by tuition waivers for 9 credits in the Fall and Spring and 6 credits in the Summer. Students will be responsible for paying their own fees which are approximately $82/credit hour. 

How long does the program take? 

  • Students in the Child and Health Areas typically complete 4 years of coursework followed by the 1-year internship before the Ph.D. degree is conferred. Students in the Neuropsychology area typically complete 5 years of coursework followed by the 1-year internship before the Ph.D. degree is conferred. 

Does the department provide any application fee waivers? 

  • At this time, the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology does not offer application fee waivers. 

Do you need to have a psychology or research experience to be admitted to the Clinical Psychology Ph.D.? 

  • While previous psychology and research experience are looked at favorably, they are not required. Applications are reviewed holistically and faculty are looking to see that students are a good fit for the program and their lab with a passion for the pursuit of knowledge in clinical psychology. 

How many students are admitted each year? 

  • The department receives 200-300 applications to the program each year. From there, approximately 50-60 applicants are invited to attend the Interview Weekend. Admission to the Fall cohort is offered to 12-15 students.