CHP doctoral student wins award

Breton Asken has won the 2016 Journal of Athletic Training Clint Thompson Award for Clinical Practice AchievementAsken (mentor: Russell Bauer) and team’s manuscript will receive the award at the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Convention on June 29, 2017, in Houston, TX, during the Distinguished Scholars Presentations.  Asken will also be presenting a Special Topic at the conference on “Clinical and Pathological Outcomes Associated with Repetitive Brain Trauma: Biopsychosocial Considerations.”  The article was previously described here.

The full citation for the manuscript is:
Asken, B. M., McCrea, M. A., Clugston, J. R., Snyder, A. R., Houck, Z. M., & Bauer, R. M. (2016). “Playing Through It”: Delayed Reporting and Removal From Athletic Activity After Concussion Predicts Prolonged Recovery. Journal of athletic training, 51(4), 329-335.

The journal’s press release can be found at: