Perlstein lab receives new pilot grant

The project will provide data on the stability and reliability over time of behavioral and neural measures of three attention networks 

Congratulations to CHP faculty member William M Perlstein, Ph.D., who is an award recipient in the Brain Rehabilitation Research Center’s (BRRC) of Excellence (North Florida/Southern Georgia Veterans Health System (Malcom Randall VAHS) 2017 Innovative Pilot Competition.

The study is entitled Assessment of Stability of Behavioral and Neural Measures of Attention Networks across Multiple Sessions. This research will determine the stability and reliability over time of behavioral and neural measures of three attention networks probed by a single computerized task, the attention network task (ANT)—alerting, orienting, and executive control—in healthy young adults. Understanding effects of repeated testing is critical for determining the utility of these measures to facilitate our understanding of their utility for investigating attentional-rehabilitation outcome when using the ANT as an outcome measure. Findings from this research will establish initial normative reliability data necessary to inform future studies of cognitive rehabilitation and neuroplasticity-associated changes in attention-network function in civilian and Veteran survivors of traumatic brain injury.

The BRRC Innovative Pilot Competition aims to provide awards that will support new research that, in turn, will provide critical data for the pursuit of an innovative idea and proposals for federal funding. Proposals are independently reviewed and scored by 2 reviewers/members of the BRRC Executive Committee.

Dr. Perlstein is the Principal Investigator. Consultants include Kenneth M. Heilman, M.D., John Williamson, Ph.D. both of BRRC Malcom Randall VAHS. Dr. Perlstein will be assisted by CHP doctoral students Elena Polejaeva, B.S., Gabrielle ALtomare, M.A., and Jessica Zakrewski, MRes.