What to Expect During Assessment

  • Many of our assessments require patients to complete testing of various types and for various lengths of time.
  • In some cases in order to provide the best assessment which will adequately inform us about your concern, it might take several hours to complete the testing portion of the assessment.
  • Many of the tests we administer must be performed in a certain way in order to be considered accurate.  As such, we ask that you come in for your assessment well rested and not hungry.
  • You may bring snacks or drinks, if you wish, to maintain your concentration.
  • If outside records are needed prior to your appointment, you will be contacted by Clinic staff and asked to bring in specific documents
  • It is important to keep in mind that it may take some time to receive the results of your assessment.  After we complete testing with you, we must score and interpret the tests, and then write a lengthy report detailing the results.  As a result, you should plan to obtain testing well in advance of any deadlines you might have for academic institutions or other outside parties.