Erin Corcoran, B.A.

Erin CorcoranBiography

Erin is a ​first year doctoral student in the Youth Risk and Resilience Lab under the mentorship of Dr. Joy Gabrielli. Erin received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Harvard University in 2016. While at Harvard, she volunteered in the Behavioral Health Partial Hospital Program at McLean Hospital, assisting on studies evaluating the effectiveness of CBT for the treatment of various affective disorders. After graduation, Erin worked as a ​research ​assistant in the Residential Marijuana Laboratory at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. In her role, she conducted inpatient studies with non-treatment seeking ​cannabis-dependent individuals aiming to identify medications that could help marijuana users stop smoking and remain abstinent, as well as outpatient studies evaluating the potential therapeutic and palliative effects of cannabis on a range of conditions including OCD, PTSD, and glioblastoma.

Research Focus

Erin’s research interests include adolescent substance use and the utilization of technology ​and parent involvement in prevention and intervention.


Gabrielli, J., Genis, S., Corcoran, E., McClure, A., & Tanski, S. E. “Exposure to TV alcohol brand appearances as predictor of youth brand affiliation and drinking behaviors.” (manuscript in preparation).

Forgeard, M., Corcoran, E., Beard, C., & Björgvinsson, T. (2018). Relationships between depression, self-reflection, brooding, and creative thinking in a psychiatric sample. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts. 10.1037/aca0000206.


Corcoran, E., Sink, L., Zaidi, F., & Gabrielli, J.. (February 2020). Identified Needs and Barriers for Successful Transition to Independence for Young Adults Aged Out of Foster Care. Poster presentation accepted for the Miami International Child & Adolescent Mental Health Conference, Miami, FL.

Gabrielli, J., Corcoran, E., Sink, L., & Borodovsky, J. (September 2019). Utilization of Social Media to Enhance Recruitment of Young Adults who have Aged Out of Foster Care. Poster presented at the Future of Foster Care: New Science to Address Old Problems meeting, State College, PA.

Corcoran, E., Forgeard, M., Cheung, J., Udupa, N., Beard, C., & Björgvinsson, T. (January 2016). Relationships between depression, self-reflective rumination, cognitive flexibility and creative thinking in a transdiagnostic psychiatric sample. Poster presented at the 7th annual meeting of McLean Hospital Research Day, Belmont, MA.

Professional Memberships

American Psychological Association, Student Affiliate

Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, APA Division 53

Society of Pediatric Psychology, APA Division 54

Society for Child and Family Policy and Practice, APA Division 37