Larry Keen, PhD, chosen as Columbia University HISTP Fellow

Larry Keen II, Ph.D., is one of four early career researchers chosen from a nationwide search to be a Columbia University HIV Intervention Science Training Program (HISTP) fellow.

HISTP is a National Institute of Mental Health funded two-year training program that seeks to facilitate the growth of scientist from underrepresented groups conducting HIV-related research. Fellows are awarded up to $20,000 to complete a pilot project, which will serve as preliminary data for a future R01 grant proposal. Dr. Keen will travel to Columbia University to take part in a research and career development institute in March 2014. HISTP fellows have official appointments at Columbia University and are also provided support to attend conferences.

With this award, Dr. Keen will examine the relationship between social support, racial discrimination and health outcomes (i.e. substance use, cytokine function function, and highly active anti-retroviral therapy adherence) in adult heterosexual African American men. Additionally, Dr. Keen looks to explore the potential mediating effects executive function on these relationships.