Research Projects Seeking Undergraduate Assistants

The research opportunities described here are provided by faculty who are currently seeking research assistants. These will be updated periodically as we become aware of additional opportunities, but you are encouraged to also talk with your course instructors and teaching assistants about research projects that they are conducting as well as visit faculty members’ individual web pages. Once you have identified laboratories of interest, contact the person listed as the Contact to find out about the availability of research assistant positions as well as the specific laboratory’s application procedures. You are encouraged to do this as early as possible, as some laboratories have a limited number of available positions and fill them before the semester begins.

Project Title (Posted 6/7/2017), MCI and Dementia Prevention Lab
Project Description Behavioral treatment programs currently provide the most useful approach to addressing the behavioral and social needs of those with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), also called Mild Neurocognitive Disorder (MND), due to Alzheimer’s or other diseases.
We are conducting a multisite study called PEACEOFMND: Physical Exercise And Cognitive Engagement Outcomes For Mild Neurocognitive Disorder. The purpose of this study is to evaluate individual behavioral intervention components in terms of their impact on brain plasticity, cognitive functioning and mental health.
Research Assistant Duties Research duties may consist of the following: helping to test and screen our older adult research subjects, helping with study treatments, assisting with preparation of assessment and treatment materials, and data entry.
Contact Person & Info If you’re interested, please send an email with your motivation and Vita to
Faculty advisor: Glenn Smith, Ph.D., ABPP-CN, Chair of the Department of Clinical and Health PsychologyYou can find more information on
Requirements Applicants must make a minimum of a two-semester commitment. Applicants should be highly motivated, dependable, and responsible students who are able to communicate effectively and professionally with undergraduate and graduate student colleagues, and older adult research participants.
Course Credits? Can be discussed and considered on an individual basis.
Willing to Supervise a Senior Thesis? Opportunities for a senior honors thesis are available for responsible, highly motivated students who demonstrated commitment to lab work for at least 2 semesters. Options will be discussed and considered on an individual basis.

Project Title Knee Surgery and Memory/Thinking Changes in Older Adults
Project Description NIH funded study looking at memory and thinking changes in older adults having total knee replacement surgery.
Research Assistant Duties Assisting with cognitive test data entry and scoring, and participant recruitment. There may be an opportunity to assist with brain image measurement. Depending on performance and grades, there is a possibility for an independent or honors based research project.
Contact Person & Info Donna Weber, Research Laboratory Coordinator (
Requirements Applicants should be motivated, dependable, and responsible students who are able to communicate effectively with undergraduate and graduate student colleagues, and medical professionals, as well as work well with others in medical settings. High attention to detail is a must. Students must be able to think critically, participate in lab discussions, work independently, and conduct themselves professionally.
Course Credits? 2 credits or volunteer (8 hours per week) for a minimum of two semesters.
Willing to Supervise a Senior Thesis? Students may be able to conduct a senior thesis related to ongoing lab projects or an existing dataset. More than a 2 semester commitment is required to be considered for a senior thesis.