Department Leadership Phone List

Name Transfer # Title
Department Main Line (for general inquires) 3-6617
Dr. Glenn Smith 3-6556 Department Chair
Dr. David Janicke 3-xxxx Professor, Associate Department Chair, Doctoral Program Director
Dr. Michael Marsiske 3-5097 Professor, Associate Chair, & Research Program Director
Dr. Deidre Pereira 3-xxxx Postdoctoral Program Director
Dr. Lori Waxenberg 3-5273 Internship Program Director
Dr. Glenn Ashkanazi 3-5266 Clinical Associate Professor & Med/Health Area Head
Dr. Duane Dede 3-xxxx Clinical Associate Professor and Neuropsychology Area Head
Dr. David Fedele 3-xxxx Associate Professor and Child/Pediatric Area Head
Lyndle Toth 3-6045 Business Manager
Alise Cross 3-6455 Human Resources Assistant
LuzMaria Escoto 3-6155 Administrative Specialist
Deborah Habora 627-9202 Fiscal Assistant
Melissa Naidu 3-6142 Academic Coordinator
UF Psychology Clinic 265-0294
Dr. Shelley Heaton 3-5269 Associate Professor & Clinic Director
Janice Ogwada 294-3977 Clinic Office Manager
Michael Sampson 3-6615 Clinic Billing Manager

To transfer a call to a 273- number, press the “transfer” button, enter the number (ex. 36117), press “transfer” again and hang up.

To transfer a call to the Clinic, press the “transfer” button, press 5, wait for the dial tone, press 50294, press “transfer” again and hang up when you hear someone pick up.


CHP Conference Room Phone 3-6036
IT 3-6200
Clinical Faculty Area 3-6818
Clinic Fax 265-0096
CHP Fax 273-6156
Program Fax 273-6530
Bursar’s Office 392-0181
Admissions Office (BOX 114000) 392-1365
Psychology (BOX 112250) 392-0601
Psychiatry (BOX 100256) 265-7041
UF Information 392-3261
Shands Information 265-0953
HPNP Student Services 3-6489

Physical/Fed Ex Address:  1225 Center Drive, Room 3151, Gainesville, FL 32610
Mailing Address:  PO Box 100165, Gainesville, FL 32610