Upcoming Events

-September 20, 2019-

At the Crossroads of Failure:

A Discussion on How Failure Interacts with Personal Identity and Social Norms

12pm-1pm, HPNP G-114

street sign intersection showing "success" and "failure"

This colloquium will be an open forum discussion on how aspects of failure interact with diverse personal identities, from gender to training level to culture. The Education and Advocacy Committee will be moderating the discussion through the introduction of research abstracts delineating trends relevant to the nature of failure and the role it plays in everyday life. Additional resources are available via the links below.

Please join us to hear your fellow students and colleagues discuss their experiences and unique perspectives.

The Confidence Gap – Women and Fear of Failure

The Importance of Stupidity in Scientific Research

Dealing with Impostor Syndrome When You’re Treated as an Impostor



-October 25, 2019-

Working with Interpreters in a Healthcare Setting