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-June 04, 2020-

What can WE do When Others Can’t Breathe? A multidimensional Town Hall on Social Justice

CHP Family,

Please join the Education & Advocacy Committee in this important discussion on issues of racism and social justice.  We realize that there are many places to join this complex journey.  So we offer 5 rooms for YOU, as a participant, to decide to attend from 12:00-12:45.  The titles, links, and focus of each room are listed below.  At 12:45, we will come together as one group in the Wrap-Up room to summarize and delineate some of our next actionable steps.  The facilitators of the rooms all want this to be a safe space to learn, have frank but possibly uncomfortable conversations while taking advantage of this opportunity to grow together.  Know that this is but one step by this committee and the department in an ongoing commitment to social justice. The room topics are listed below; if you did not recieve this announcement with affiliated Zoom links via e-mail,  please reach out to Dr. Duane Dede (ddede@phhp.ufl.edu) for information on how to access the rooms.

We will continue to walk TOGETHER with actionable milestones along the path. In the meantime, take a look at our Resources page for more information on ways you can help.

Townhall Topics:

-Education: How do I learn more about these issues and how to discuss them? Moderated by Lisa King, Psy.D

-Self/Family Care: How can we care for ourselves and loved ones during these difficult times? Moderated by Duane Dede, Ph.D

-Advocacy/Action: What can we do individually/collectively to “be the change?” Moderated by Lori Waxenberg, Ph.D

-Processing your feelings related to these injusticies: A safe space for discussing a range of emotions. Moderated by Shellie-Anne Levy, Ph.D

-How to talk with patients and colleagues about these issues. Moderated by Dahomey Abanishe, Ph.D