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The Education and Advocacy Committee

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The Education and Advocacy Committee is a grassroots movement started by graduate students, interns, post-docs, faculty, and staff within the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology that aims to (1) raise awareness about local, national, and international issues of inequality and (2) promote advocacy for social justice. Psychologists are in a unique position to be leaders in our field, in medicine, and in the political sphere. However, psychologists are not typically taught how to advocate for the people and causes we care about.

The Education and Advocacy Committee fills that gap by focusing on topics related to multiculturalism, cultural humility, personal and professional growth, and social justice. The Education and Advocacy Committee does not take a political stance. Rather, we hope to advance our knowledge in order to become leaders in psychology and beyond so that we may bring about positive outcomes on a local and global level for those we serve.