About the Committee

Health Equity, Anti-Racism and Diversity

What is the HEARD Committee?


Faculty Recruitment and Retention subcommittee:

Chair: TBA

Goals: Work with department and college leadership to promote recruitment and retention of faculty from underrepresented groups on an ongoing basis.

Current Initiatives:

1 Recruitment three faculty from underrepresented groups (one for each area of concentration) over the next calendar year.

2 Promote hiring of faculty candidates from underrepresented groups to tenure-track positions on an ongoing basis by investing needed resources to expand recruitment networks, and diversifying search committees.

3 Identify and remove barriers to retention of faculty from underrepresented groups, including expanding junior faculty mentoring programs.

Community Outreach Subcommittee

Chair: Allison Holgerson

Goal: To promote active engagement in the community, particularly serving underrepresented groups. 

Current Initiatives:

1 Reconceptualize Free Therapy Night (part of the Equal Access Clinic Network with University of Florida College of Medicine) as an integrated part of clinical training. This goal is part of an active effort to increase available volume of providers/supervisors to better serve the community.

2 Promote hiring of a faculty member to continue our Department’s presence in the University of Florida HIV clinic.

3 Increase active efforts to establish a presence in the community with needs assessments and subsequent outreach.

Education subcommittee

Chair: Jared Tanner

Goal: To improve the CHP curriculum in terms of diversity and anti-racism 

Current initiatives: 

1 Institute a first year required course covering diversity with didactic, experiential, clinical, and research applications.

2 Ongoing development of syllabus to include immersive learning experiences and in-class activities to enhance personal understanding of diversity topics and how to apply learnings professionally

3 Faculty and staff diversity educational opportunities are being assessed.

Trainee Recruitment and Retention subcommittee

Chair: Michael Marsiske

Goal: Recruitment and retention of a more diverse body of trainees, particularly to those from underrepresented groups. 

Current initiatives: 

1 Recruiting and providing outreach to undergraduate trainees to promote awareness about our program/field, providing more undergraduate students from underrepresented minority groups with helpful research experiences, and ultimately increasing diversity among our CHP Doctoral Program applicant pool

2 Working towards more equitable selection and interview processes for the CHP Doctoral Program

3 Increasing active efforts to trainee retention and promoting an environment in which trainees from underrepresented groups succeed.

Website subcommittee

Goal: To create and update content from the HEARD committee on the CHP website