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Dr. Duane Dede, recipient of the Graduate...

Congratulations to Dr. Duane Dede who has been selected as the recipient of the Graduate Education Diversity Champion Award for 2021-2022. Dr. Dede...

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Intentions to Actions: Microaggressions in CHP

Please join the E&A committee on Friday, July 23rd, at 12 pm to join the discussion on microaggressions, with a focus on taking steps towards...

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Intersectionality between African American and...

As June is Pride Month and June 19 is Juneteenth, let's look at the intersection of LGBTQ+ Pride and Black Lives Matter.  What is...


Health Equity, Anti-Racism and Diversity (HEARD) Committee

The Health Equity, Anti-Racism, and Diversity (HEARD) committee was started by faculty, staff, postdocs, interns, and students within the department of Clinical and Health Psychology. The HEARD committee focuses on creating change, both within UF and in the community, based on principles of anti-racism, health equity, and promotion of diversity and multiculturalism.

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The Education and Advocacy Committee

This committee is a grassroots movement started by graduate students, interns, postdocs, faculty, and staff within the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology. In society, psychologists are given a unique position to be leaders in the community, in medicine, and in the political sphere. The Education and Advocacy Committee provides education on topics related to multiculturalism, cultural humility, personal and professional growth, and social justice.

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