Seth Downing, B.S.

Seth DowningBiography

Seth Downing is a first-year graduate student primarily mentored by Dr. McNamara in the Florida Exposure and Anxiety Research (FEAR) Lab.  He graduated from the University of Florida in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology and a minor in Spanish.  While an undergraduate, Seth contributed hundreds of clinical and research hours to cognitive behavioral therapy with exposure-response prevention (CBT-ERP) in the FEAR lab and served as the undergraduate coordinator for the Parent-Child Interaction Therapy study from 2016-2017.  After graduating, Seth worked as a research administrator for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at UF before becoming a 7th grade life science teacher in 2018.

Research Focus

Seth’s current research interests include investigating the use of behavior reinforcement tools in CBT-ERP treatment for youth, and how they affect treatment adherence and outcome, and the use of technology, including mobile apps, to reach under-served populations.


McCarty, R. J., Lazaroe, L. M., Ordway, A., Downing, S.D., Segovia, C. M., Cooke, D.L., Guzick, A. G., McNamara, J. P. & Matthews, C.A. (2019, July). Effectiveness of a therapeutic camp for youth with OCD, anxiety, and/or depressive disorders. Poster presented at the 26th Annual Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Conference, Austin, TX.

Downing, S. T., Guzick, A. G., McCarty, R. J., Cooke, D. L., Reid, A. M., & McNamara, J. P. (2019, February). Relationships Between Internalizing/Externalizing OCD Behaviors, Accommodation, and OCD Dimensionality. Poster presented at the 2019 meeting of the Miami International Child & Adolescent Mental Health Conference (MICAMH), Miami, FL.

Teaching Experience

Course Coordinator: Diseases of Eating MDU 4850 (August 2019- Present)

Course Coordinator: Introduction to Medical Bioethics MDU 4061 (July 2019- Present)

Teacher: 7th grade life science, Lake Weir Middle School (February 2018- May 2019)

Learning Assistant: Principles of Biology II BSC 2011 (August 2015-April 2017)