Sarah Greif, M.S.


Sarah M. Greif is a graduate student in the neuropsychology track of the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology at the University of Florida. She began her graduate studies in Fall 2015 under the mentorship of Dr. Russell M. Bauer  and Dr. Shelley C. Heaton. In addition to her appointment as a graduate research assistant, Sarah serves as a Neuropsychology Clinical and Research Coordinator for the UF Student Health Care Center Sports Concussion Center ( and as Director of Athlete Brain ( Sarah completed her bachelor’s of science degree in Psychology at the University of Florida where she worked as a Clinic & Research Coordinator in the UF Pediatric Neuropsychology Clinic, Program Assistant  within The University of Florida Multidisciplinary Diagnostic and Training Program (, and as a Research Assistant in The UF Sports Concussion Neuropsychology Research Lab where she assisted in the CTSI’s Health IMPACTS for Florida network, Concussion Surveillance and Monitoring Program.

Research and Clinical Focus

Sarah’s research interests include investigating the role of sleep during recovery from traumatic brain injury, cognitive implications of traumatic brain injury throughout recovery, and examining predictors of recovery during the acute stages following mild traumatic brain injury. Sarah enjoys conducting assessments and interventions for a variety of populations across the lifespan but has a particular interest in the assessment and treatment of patients with acquired brain injury and complex medical conditions.

Professional Grants & Awards

Community Outreach:

UF Student Government. Grant to conduct free baseline concussion testing to UF students. 2014-present (on behalf of Athlete Brain).
University of Florida Student Involvement & Activities “Most Innovative Event of the Year” award for Athlete Brain’s ScootSafe! Campus-wide helmet safety initiative. 2015 (on behalf of Athlete Brain)..
PEPSI Gators Give Back Grant. $2,500 grant to Athlete Brain to implement campus-wide helmet safety initiative ScootSafe! 2014 (on behalf of Athlete Brain).


2nd place, student scientific poster competition, Florida Psychological Association Conference. 2013.

Publications, Posters, & Presentations

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“Headstrong: Tackling concussion perceptions in the community.” (2013) 8th Conference for the Social Science at UF, Gainesville FL, January 2013.


UF Sports Concussion Center, Neuropsychology Clinical and Research Coordinator

UF GatorWell Helmet Safety Steering Committee

Student Representative Athlete Brain, President

Director ScootSafe!

Chair Camp TBi Florida

Volunteer Camp Counselor