Laura Telepak, M.S.

BiographyLaura Telepak

Laura Telepak, M.S., is a graduate student in Clinical and Health Psychology focusing in health psychology. Laura obtained her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Italian studies from Miami University in Ohio. She completed her Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of Florida, where she is continuing her graduate training under the mentorship of Dr. Deidre Pereira.

Research Focus

Laura’s research focuses on psycho-oncology, psychoneuroimmunology, and women’s health. She is currently interested in the psychosocial and biobehavioral influences on clinical outcomes in cancer. Her master’s thesis examined the relationships between several psychosocial factors and mortality in women diagnosed with endometrial cancer. As part of a larger study investigating the relationships between sleep, pain, mood, and immune function in gynecologic cancer, Laura has also become interested in the role of sleep in cancer. She serves as the polysomnography technician for the study and plans to use her experience as “sleep detective” to further explore individual variability in sleep disturbance in women undergoing treatment for cancer.

Clinical Focus

Laura’s primary clinical interest is in the area of health psychology and helping people manage chronic medical conditions.  More specifically, her focus is in psycho-oncology and working with patients who are experiencing psychosocial distress in the context of their cancer diagnosis and/or treatment. She has experience in the psychological assessment and treatment of cancer patients in both inpatient and outpatient settings.


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Presentations (Posters and Talks)

Smith, S.G., Postupack, R.A., Wong, S., Patidar, S.M., Sannes, T., Telepak, L., Chegini, N., Morgan, L.S., & Pereira, D.B. (2012, May). Sleep, Pain, and Affect in Recovery from Cancer (SPARC): An Overview. Poster presented at the 2012 UF & Shands Cancer Center Research Poster Day, Gainesville, FL.

Telepak, L.C., Morgan, L., & Pereira, D.B. (2012, April). Psychosocial Factors and Survival in Women with Early Stage Endometrial Cancer. Poster presented at the 33rd Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions of the Society of Behavioral Medicine, New Orleans, LA.

Patidar, S.M., Telepak, L., Lipe, M., Sannes, T., Dodd, S., Bishop, M., Lopez, E., & Pereira, D.B. (2012, February). A “Snapshot” of Photovoice as a Psychosocial Intervention for Individuals Effected by Ovarian Cancer. Poster presented at the 9th annual meeting of the American Psychosocial Oncology Society, Miami, FL.

Professional Memberships

  • Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM)