Kendra Krietsch, M.S.


Kendra Krietsch, M.S., is a doctoral candidate completing coursework through the Child/Pediatric track through the University of Florida Department of Clinical and Health Psychology. She works as a Graduate Research Assistant in the Pediatric Psychology Laboratory under the mentorship of Dr. David Janicke. She graduated from the University of Arizona in 2012 with her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a minor in German.

Research and Academic Focus

Kendra has a longstanding interest in sleep and child/pediatric health psychology. She is broadly interested in the biopsychosocial factors that link the sensitive period of childhood with longitudinal health outcomes. Her current research focuses on elucidating the endocrine, metabolic, and behavioral alterations that occur in children as a consequence of poor sleep. Her dissertation will investigate daily alterations in physical activity and dietary intake in relation to changes in sleep timing among children. From a statistical perspective, she is interested in longitudinal methods that allow for research on day-to-day variability and co-variation in sleep and other health behaviors (e.g. Multilevel Modeling, Structural Equation Modeling, Single-Subject Design). As an aspiring academic, Kendra is interested in issues related to female and minority leadership, mentorship, and program/training development.


Peer Reviewed Manuscripts

Krietsch, K. N., Armstrong, B., McCrae, C. S., & Janicke, D. M. (2016). Temporal Associations Between Sleep and Physical Activity Among Overweight/Obese Youth. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, jsv167.

Mundt, J., Crew, C., Krietsch, K.N., Vatthauer, K., Roth, A., McCrae, C.S. (2015) Comparison of Sleep Diary, Actigraphy, and Polysomnography in Assessment of Response to Cognitive Behavioral Treatment of Comorbid Insomnia and Fibromyalgia. Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine.

 Simor, P., Krietsch, K. N., Köteles, F., & McCrae, C. S. (2015). Day-to-Day Variation of Subjective Sleep Quality and Emotional States Among Healthy University

Students—a 1-Week Prospective    Study. International journal of behavioral medicine, 1-10.

Taylor, M., Daiss, S., Krietsch, K.N. (2015) Associations among Self-Compassion, Mindful Eating, Eating Disorder Symptomatology, and BMI in College Students. Translational Issues in Psychological Science.

 Krietsch, K.N., Mason, A.E., Sbarra, D.A. (2014). Sleep Complaints Predict Increases in Resting Blood Pressure Following Marital Separation. Health Psychology.  33(10), 1204.

 Manuscripts Under Review

Krietsch, K.N., Lawless, C., Fedele, D., McCrae, C., Janicke, D. (2015) Comparison of   sleep variability in Overweight/Obese Youth with and without Comorbid Asthma. Submitted to: Journal of Asthma.

Manuscripts in Preparation

Krietsch, K.N., Chardon, M., McCrae, C.S., Janicke, D.M. (in preparation) Systematic Review of Mechanisms Linking Sleep and Obesity in Youth.

Leadership Positions

Student Coordinator for Women’s Leadership Group           Spring 2015-current

Department of Clinical and Health Psychology

University of Florida

Coordinate and facilitate monthly Women’s Leadership Symposia. Duties include developing symposia topics and readings, organizing monthly meetings, and facilitating discussion among ~50 graduate students, interns, post-docs, and faculty at monthly meetings.

Student faculty representative                                                 Summer 2014-current

Department of Clinical and Health Psychology

University of Florida

Serve as student representative at twice-monthly faculty meetings. Duties include attending and taking notes at all faculty meetings, serving as a liaison between the faculty and student body, and advocating for student needs.

Professional Membership

Phi Beta Kappa National Academic Honor Society                         Spring 2012-current

Society of Pediatric Psychology Student Member                           Fall 2011-current

Pediatric Obesity Student Interest Group

Pediatric Research and Innovative Statistical Methodologies Group

American Psychological Association Student Member                 Spring 2011-current

Sleep Research Society Student Member                                    Spring 2010-current