Hanna Hausman, M.S.

Hanna HausmanBiography

Hanna Hausman is a doctoral student in the Neuropsychology track of UF’s Clinical and Health Psychology doctoral program under the mentorship of Dr. Adam Woods. She graduated summa cum laude from Texas A&M University’s Honors College with a B.A. in Psychology Honors and a minor in Neuroscience.

During her undergraduate career, Hanna worked as a research assistant for three years in the Lifespan Cognitive and Motor Neuroimaging Lab under the direction of Dr. Jessica Bernard. She used transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) to investigate the cerebellum’s role in motor and cognitive behavior in aging populations. Her senior thesis involved mapping and comparing cerebellar and basal ganglia functional connectivity in younger and older adults.

Research Focus

Hanna’s research interests include investigating the efficacy of using non-invasive brain stimulation (i.e. tDCS) techniques for combatting cognitive decline in older adults, as well as, analyzing treatment interventions for people with Parkinson’s disease from a clinical psychology perspective.


Hausman, H.K., Jackson, T.B., Goen, J.R.M., & Bernard, J.A. (2018). From Synchrony to Asynchrony: Cerebellar-Basal Ganglia Functional Circuits in Young and Older Adults. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Bernard, J.A., Nguyen, A., Hausman, H.K., Goen, J.R.M., & Maldonado, T. (In Preparation). Age differences in cerebellar activation support HAROLD subcortically: Evidence from ALE meta-analysis.


Hausman, H.K., Jackson, T.B., & Bernard, J.A. Age-Related Declines in Cerebellar-Basal Ganglia Functional Circuits: Implications for Cognitive and Motor Function in Older Adulthood. The 25th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society, Boston MA, March 2018.

Professional Memberships

Phi Beta Kappa Member

Psi Chi Member

Honors and Awards

University of Florida Graduate School Funding Award (2018-2022)

Phi Beta Kappa National Honor Society (2017)

Undergraduate Representative for Psychology Department Review (2017)

Outstanding Undergraduate Nominee for Department Review (2017)

Texas A&M Global Opportunity Fund Scholarship (2016)

Psi Chi International Honor Society (2015-2017)

Liberal Arts College Honor Student (2014-2017)

Psychology Honor Student (2014-2017)

Texas A&M President’s Endowed Scholarship (2014-2017)