Gelan Ying, M.A.

Gelan YingBiography

Gelan received her bachlor degree in psychology and economics from the University of California, Los Angeles. She completed her master degree in clinical psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University.  After graduation, Gelan joined the WHICAP project and focused on studying the relationship between social connections and cognitive trajectories in older adults from diverse ethnic/racial backgrounds. She gained her experience working with patients in Mount Sinai hospital as a research coordinator for the suicide prevention lab.

Research Focus

Gelan’s primary research interest is to develop and improve intervention tools for both older adults with neurodegenerative disorders and their family caregivers. She is also interested in studying cognitive impairments in ethnically/racially diverse population.


Ying, G., Vonk, J. M., Sol, K., Brickman, A. M., Manly, J. J., & Zahodne, L. B. (2020). Family Ties and Aging in a Multiethnic Cohort. Journal of Aging and Health, 0898264320935238.

Ying, G., Cohen, L. J., Lloveras, L., Barzilay, S., & Galynker, I. (2020). Multi-Informant Prediction of Near-term Suicidal Behavior Independent of Suicidal Ideation. Psychiatry Research, 113169.

Pia, T., Galynker, I., Schuck, A., Sinclair, C., Ying, G., Calati, R (2020). Perfectionism and prospective near-term suicidal thoughts and behaviors: The Mediation of fear of humiliation and suicide crisis syndrome. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17(4):1424.

Professional Memberships

Student Member of International Neuropsychology Society (2018 – present

Student Member of American Psychological Association ( 2018 – present