Cheshire Hardcastle, M.S.

Cheshire HardcastleBiography

Cheshire Hardcastle is a graduate student at the University of Florida in the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology. Cheshire graduated Summa cum laude from the University of Cincinnati in 2013 with a B.A. in psychology. Cheshire then worked at the Stanford Research Institution (SRI) researching alcoholism and HIV. Cheshire then earned her Master’s in Neuroimaging for Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of Manchester in Manchester, England. Her thesis involved researching certain imaging methods to measure cerebral blood perfusion in an elderly population. Cheshire is currently in the neuropsychology track, where she works under the membership of Dr. Catherine Price.

Research Focus

Cheshire’s current research focuses on using neuroimaging and behavioral assessment methods to better understand Post Operative Cognitive Decline (POCD). She is specifically exploring changes in white matter integrity after surgery, and how this may affect cognitive processes like attention and memory.


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Honors and Awards


University Honors Program University of Cincinnati 2011
Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship University of Cincinnati Medical Caenter 2011
Doris Twitchell Allen Award for Outstanding Senior Woman in Psychology University of Cincinnati 2013
College Marshal University of Cincinnati 2013
Graduation Summa Cum Laude University of Cincinnati 2013
North American Fellowship for the University of Manchester (NAFUM) 2016
Grinter Fellowship  University of Florida 2017