Abe Eastman, M.A. M.S.

BiographyAbe Eastman

Abe Eastman is a fourth year graduate student in the Department of Clinical Health Psychology. He earned his B.A. from Knox College and his M.A, from Boston University. After graduating from BU he continued to work there on a number of projects in the Translational Research Program at the Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders. Abe then had the opportunity to work at Community Substance Abuse Center Boston. Throughout his academic career Abe has been interested in health promotion and behavior change with a special interest in obesity and physical activity. Abe’s primary research interest is in understanding the psycho-social factors influencing weight regain and designing interventions to mitigate weight regain. In recent years Abe’s interest has turned to examining acceptance based weight loss interventions. In addition, Abe is interested in societal and policy level interventions that can lead to increased utilization of health behaviors (e.g. exercise and proper nutrition) and reduce rates of obesity. When not working on research projects or school, Abe enjoys competing in strongman, spending time with friends, and listening to podcasts.