The Neuropsychology Division

Clinical neuropsychology is the oldest subspecialty within the UF Department of Clinical and Health Psychology. Established in 1964 it is one of the oldest academic neuropsychology training programs in the United States.

Neuropsychology University of Florida

The Neuropsychology area is among an elite group of academic programs that provide articulated research and clinical training in neuropsychology at the predoctoral, internship, and post-doctoral levels. We seek to understand the complexities of the human brain so that this knowledge can be applied to the diagnosis and treatment of neurocognitive and emotional disorders that affect the citizens of our world. We value both basic research and the application of basic research to real-world problems.

The Neuropsychology Division is part of the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology, one of six academic departments within the College of Public Health and Health Professions at the University of Florida. Our Division consists of 9 academic faculty, including 7 clinical neuropsychologists, supported by 2 experts in cognitive aging and cognitive neuroscience. Our faculty are participant scientists of the McKnight Brain Institute, the 1Florida Alzheimers Disease Research Center, the Center for Cognitive Aging and Memory, the Center for Movement Disorders and Neurorestoration, the Center for Neuropsychological Studies, the Institute on Aging, and the VA RR&D Brain Rehabilitation and Research Center.