2012 Fall Symposium

Jacob Lafo awards Dr. Catherine Price the Research Mentorship Award
Kaitlyn Powers receives the Eileen B. Fennell Graduate Student Teaching Award
Jenna Dietz receives the CHP Research Award
Kaitlyn Powers receives the Florence Shafer Memorial Excellence in Psychotherapeutic Counseling Award
Dr. Brenda Wiens awards Jessica Spigner the Jenny Sivinski Memorial Community Service Award
Daniella Roditi receives the Health Psychology Research Award
Dr. Bill Perlstein awards Jenna Dietz the Robert and Phyllis Levitt Neuropsychology Research Award
Dr. David Janicke accepts the Geoffery Clark-Ryan Memorial Pediatric Psychology Research Award on behalf of Shana Schuman
Lizabeth Jordan receives the Molly Harrower Excellence in Psychodiagnostic Assessment Award
Anna Yam awards Dr. Michael Marsiske the Classroom Teaching Award