Robert Guenther, Ph.D., ABPP

Clinical Professor, ABPP(Rp)



Office: 352-273-5268
Clinic Appointments: None at this time


Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. 1988, Arizona State University

Clinical Focus

Dr. Guenther is a clinical professor in the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology where he teaches courses and supervises graduate students, interns, and post-doctoral fellows. His primary clinical appointment is to the Adult Acute Neurotrauma Service in UF Health Shands Hospital. In that role, he offers psychological services to new traumatic brain and spinal cord injured adults. He also provides psychological consultation and liaison services to adult hospital inpatients for referrals coming from units including the Burn Unit, general surgical units, intensive care units, and the Psychiatry Unit. He practices as a hospitalist psychologist. He also serves periodically as one of the on-call inpatient bioethics consultants to the hospital care teams, and he is the chair of the UF Health Shands Hospital Ethics Advisory Committee.

Research Focus

Dr. Guenther’s interests in research parallel his clinical focus.  He has published in areas of rehabilitation psychology, transplant psychology, and bioethics.

Key Publications

Vincent, H., Vasilopoulos, T., Zdziarski-Horodyski, L., Sadasivan, K., Hagen, J., Guenther, R., McClelland, J., Horodyski, M. (2017). Preexisting psychiatric illness worsens acute care outcomes after orthopedic trauma in obese patients. Injury. 49. 10.1016/j.injury.2017.12.004.

Rodrigue, J.R., Guenther, R.T, Kaplan, B., Mandelbrot, D.A.,  Pavlakis, M., Howard, R.J. (May 2008).  Measuring the Expectations of Kidney Donors: Initial Psychometric Properties of the Living Donation Expectancies Questionnaire. Transplantation, 85(9), 1230-1234.

Rodrigue, J.R., Widows M.R., Guenther, R.T, Newman, R.C., Howard, R.J., Kaplan, B., & Morgan, M.A. (June 2006).  Expectations about the living kidney donation experience: Do they differ as a function of relational status or gender?  Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, 21(6), 1682-1688.

Rodrigue, J.R., & Guenther, R.T.  (June 2006).  Psychosocial evaluation of live donors.  Current Opinion in Organ Transplantation, 11(3), 234–240.

Rodrigue, J.R., Cross, N.J., Newman, R.C., Widows, M.R., Guenther, R.T, Howard, R.J., Kaplan, B., & Morgan, M.A. (June 2006). Patient-reported outcomes for open vs. laparoscopic living donation nephrectomy.  Progress in Transplantation, Vol 16 (2), 162-169.

Rodrigue, J.R., Cross, N.J., Newman, R.C., Widows, M.R., Guenther, R.T., Howard, R.J., Kaplan, B., & Morgan, M.A. (May 2005). Patient-reported outcomes for open vs. laparoscopic living donation nephrectomy. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the American Transplant Congress, Seattle, WA.

Courses Taught

  • Psychological Treatment I
  • Advanced Psychotherapy
  • Advanced Practicum in Inpatient Consultation

 Professional Memberships

  • American Psychological Association
  • Society of Behavioral Medicine
  • Florida Bioethics Network.