CHP 2012 Alumnus Receives Professional Achievement and Service Award from PHHP

Joseph Dzierzewski


Joseph Dzierzewski, Ph.D. (Clinical & Health Psychology 2012)

The University of Florida College of Public Health and Health Professions recognized seven graduates with 2023 Outstanding Alumni Awards at a celebration on November 4 during PHHP Reunion Tailgate weekend. This year, the college made important changes to the alumni awards program, including soliciting nominations and creating award categories that reflect various areas of impact where alumni are making a difference in their profession and community.

Joseph Dzierzewski, class of 2012, received the Award for Professional Achievement and Service. He is the vice president of research and scientific affairs at the National Sleep Foundation. In this role, he is charged with leading NSF’s scientific platform, which includes overseeing the development of NSF’s sleep health guidelines and sleep health research activities. He also serves as an NSF sleep expert for media and industry partnerships and engages in national advocacy efforts. He is both a well-funded (more than $6 million in total research support) and widely-published investigator, with more than 300 publications, including more than 175 conference presentations and more than 130 peer-reviewed manuscripts and book chapters. A recent peer-reviewed publication (Liu et al., 2023) reported that Dzierzewski is the most published author in the area of sleep in older adults. He has served on numerous scientific review committees for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the National Institutes of Health, as well as serving as an associate editor for several academic journals.

Photo and Article Credit: PHHP Outstanding Alumni 2023, Published November 4, 2023.