Dr. Driscoll Publishes a Practical Support Resource for Young People with Type 1 Diabetes

Workbook Cover - DriscollCongratulations to Dr. Kim Driscoll who recently published an important resource for mental health professionals titled, Type 1 Diabetes Mental Health Workbook, A Practical Resource for Providing Behavioral and Mental Health Support to Young People with Type 1 Diabetes, and Their Families. Topics include: Overview of T1D; Language and communication about T1D; Challenges associated with a new T1D diagnosis; Approaches to addressing T1D self-management challenges; Emotions associated with T1D; Mood concerns and T1D; T1D-related worries and anxiety.

A recent PHHP article noted that Dr. Driscoll was motivated to write the workbook while serving as a presenter during workshops to educate mental health providers about Type 1 diabetes. She also heard repeatedly from her patients that they wanted mental health providers who understand Type 1 diabetes. Driscoll saw the direct impact of her research, which focuses on providing interventions to improve Type 1 diabetes physical and psychological health outcomes. One father even told Driscoll that she had “changed [their] lives” by helping them overcome a phobia about low hypoglycemia. To read the entire article, please visit Three things to know about, Mental Health in Type 1 Diabetes.

Well done, Dr. Driscoll!