2023 Research Day Awards – Jori Waner and Hailey Inverso

Research Day 2023 AwardsA big congratulations to Jori Waner and Hailey Inverso, whose presentations tied for first place at PHHP Research Day on February 9, 2023, in the category Basic, Foundational and Pre-Clinical Research.

Jori Waner (pictured left) for “Connecting memory and functional brain networks in older adults:  A resting state fMRI study.”

Hailey Inverso (pictured right) for “Seeing Eye to Eye:  Associations between adolescent-caregiver discordance on reports of pediatric sleep, demographic characteristics, anxiety, and depressive symptom in Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Each will receive $400 to support travel to an upcoming professional conference.  Of the 6 awards across two categories, CHP students took home 2 of the 6!   Great work to these two students, and all who presented at Research Day!!  And also a big thanks to Adam Woods and the college Research Day team for organizing!