Dr. Rebecca Pearl’s Weight-Stigma Research is Featured in UFHealth’s ‘Newsroom’

Rebecca PearlCongratulations to Dr. Pearl, recently featured in an article by Jill Pease titled Weight-stigma study identifies self-image paradox.

For the study, more than 200 adults with a higher body weight — predominantly black or white women — participated in the group-based psychological intervention designed to reduce internalized weight stigma, delivered in combination with a behavioral weight loss treatment.

Participants were asked about their awareness of negative stereotypes of people with higher weight. The most frequently identified stereotypes were laziness, lack of willpower and poor eating habits. Most of participants reported they did not agree with negative weight stereotypes or apply them to themselves but said they nonetheless struggled with positive self-image because of their weight.

Of note, co-authors of the study include Laurie Groshon, a CHP doctoral student and Hannah Fitterman-Harris, Ph.D., currently from the University of Louisville , but formerly with CHP.

To view the full article visit this LINK.