Congratulations to David Marra, Ph.D., and Adrianna Ratajska, M.S.

Their respective publications were selected as the first place and the runner-up winners in the sixth annual TCN/AACN Student Project competition. The journal, The Clinical Neuropsychologist, received over 40 submissions from graduate students and post-docs. From these, 12 manuscripts were accepted for publication and subsequently rated by reviewers from the American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology according to 6 criteria (i.e. timeliness & importance of the topic, bread/depth of literature review; statistical & methodologic rigor & innovation; clinical relevance & contribution to evidence-based practice; clinical impact, and responsiveness to reviewers).

As the first-place winner, David Marra, a neuropsychology post-doc, will receive a $1000 award for his publication: Marra, David; Hamlet, K., Bauer, RM, & Bowers, D. (2020). Validity of Teleneuropsychology for Older Adults in Response to COVID-19: A systematic and Critical Review. The Clinical Neuropsychologist, Vol 34 (7-8), 1411-1452.
Adrianna Ratajska
Adrianna, a second-year neuropsychology graduate student, will receive $500 for her publication: Ratajska, A. M., Lopez, F. V., Kenney, L., Jacobson, C., Foote, K. D., Okun, M. S., & Bowers, D. (2021). Cognitive subtypes in individuals with essential tremor seeking deep brain stimulation.  The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 1-23.