UF T32 & Movement Fellows Research Symposium

Six UF Movement MD Fellows and seven T32-funded graduate students across the departments of APK, BME, CHP, Genetics and Neuroscience, will participate in the 2nd annual NINDS-T32- Movement Fellows Research Symposium on Friday 10/30/2020.   The goals of this symposium are threefold:  a) to enable each group (Predocs, MD Fellows) to learn about the types of research questions and approaches being taken;  b) to set the stage for potential collaborative efforts among basic science and clinical investigators; and c) to foster communication skills for conveying information in a non-jargon way. This symposium is sponsored by an NINDS-funded predoctoral T32 to Dr. Dawn Bowers and Dr. David Vaillancourt, titled Interdisciplinary Training in Movement Disorders and Neurorestoration.  All are invited to join in.