Dr. Ross receives NIH R01 award

Dr. Kathryn Ross has received a 5-year R01 award (R01DK119244) to evaluate innovative methods of providing extended-care support to promote long-term weight loss maintenance.Dr. Kathryn Ross

The funding agency is the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

As part of this study, participants will be provided an initial weight loss program and will then be randomly assigned to receive one of two smartphone-based extended-care maintenance programs. During the two-year trial period, the study will also closely track participants’ mood and thoughts/behaviors that have been hypothesized to predict weight change. The results of this study may have important treatment implications for preventing weight regain after initial weight loss, and will further contribute additional foundational knowledge regarding which predictors of weight change that might be used to aid the development of personalizable weight management programs.