Colloquium Series: The Best Laid Plans… Responding to Failures and Successes

Clinical and Health Psychology Colloquium Series

The Best Laid Plans…Responding to Failures and Successes

Academic life and real life are rife with perceived setbacks. Responding to these situations is an important part of professional and personal development.  This Q&A style colloquium will explore definitions of success and failure, as well as literature about how we respond. The panelists will discuss the ‘bumps’ in their career and life paths. Audience participation will be encouraged.

Juy 12, 2019; 12-1pm
HPNP G-103


David FedeleDavid Fedele, Ph.D., ABPP 

Associate Professor & Area Head, Child/Pediatric



Lori WavenbergLori Waxenberg, Ph.D., ABPP

Clinical Professor & Director, Internship Program



Glenn SmithGlenn Smith, Ph.D., ABPP

Professor & Chair




Lunch will be served starting at 11:45 am