CHP Doctoral Students, Charles Moreno and Elle Wiggins, Awarded Stephanie Nicole Ross Foundation Scholarship

Moreno and WIgginsCharles Moreno (for the third year in a row), and Elle Wiggins (for the second year in a row), were awarded two of three scholarships by the Stephanie Nicole Ross Foundation, Inc. Three $1,000 scholarships are awarded to graduate students studying psychology, cognitive or behavioral science, or any related field in the state of Florida in order to help students pursue their academic goals.

About the award: Stephanie Nicole Ross planned to pursue a doctorate in Aging Studies in order to further her research on human cognition and non-pharmacological interventions for cognitive impairment across the lifespan. She was dedicated to working with people with neurological conditions and hoped to teach others about the wonders of the human brain. When Stephanie was working as a health care service coordinator, she was attacked by a client during a home visit and unfortunately did not survive. The Stephanie Nicole Ross Foundation honors her life and celebrates her passions.