Dr. Boissoneault receives NIH grant

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism has awarded Dr. Jeff Boissoneault an R21 grant to study the effects of alcohol use on chronic pain.

Jeff Boissoneault
Jeff Boissoneault, PhD Assistant Professor

Entitled Acute Effects of Alcohol Use on Chronic Orofacial Pain (R21AA026805), the study summary reads: “Self-medication of pain with alcohol is a common, yet risky, behavior among individuals with chronic orofacial pain. Chronic pain status may affect the degree to which alcohol use relieves pain, but the independent contributions of pain chronification and alcohol-related expectations and conditioning have not been previously studied. This project addresses this gap in knowledge and will inform further research and clinical/translational efforts for reducing risk associated with these behaviors.”

The department congratulates Dr. Boissoneault on this important award.