CHP Grad Students “Keep it Simple” at APA 2018

Tweeting the research message in 5 words or less

Keep it Simple  

Brittany Rohl, Lindsay Rotblatt, and Brad Taylor learn the art of crisp communication. Brittany’s poster evaluated the construct validity of brief cognitive rating scale for conveying complex neuropsychological results to DBS interdisciplinary teams.  Her poster, titled “The UF DBS Cognitive Rating Scale: Construct Validity in 270 Patients”, was reduced to ‘neuropsychological reports are too long’.   Lindsay’s poster, titled “The Longitudinal Effects of Cardiovascular Risk and Treatment on Reasoning in Older Adults” was reduced to ‘Reasoning declines despite cardiovascular treatment’.  Brad’s poster on “Intervention Effects on Mental Rotation: A growth modeling Approach” was reduced to ‘videogame improved elder spatial skills’.  Brittany is mentored by Dr. Dawn Bowers.  Lindsay and Brad are mentored by Dr. Michael Marsiske.