Advocacy for Patients

Legal, Ethical, and Therapeutic Considerations

(Friday Colloquium, June 16 2017, 12 pm, Communicore C1-4)

University of Florida Department of Clinical & Health Psychology Education and Advocacy Series

When and Where: Friday Colloquium, June 16, 2017 ~ 12:00 PM, Communicore Room C1-4

Title: Advocacy for Patients: Legal, Ethical, and Therapeutic Considerations

Moderate by  Education and Advocacy Committee

Summary: This colloquium on advocacy in the field of Clinical Psychology will highlight considerations in advocating for patients at the patient-provider level. Based on crowd sourced case examples, panelists will discuss the why and how of clinicians’ legal/ethical rights and therapeutic value in advocating for patients across a variety of circumstances.

Dr. Shelley Heaton, Clinic Director
Andrew B. Eisman, Senior University Counsel for Health Affairs
Christine Cassisi, UF’s Patient Advocacy office

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