Scott and Thompson win poster award

Bonnie Scott (L) and Sable Thompson (R)

Bonnie Scott, doctoral student in CHP, and her undergraduate assistant placed third in the “Outstanding Poster Competition” of the University of Florida 12th Annual Conference of the Social Sciences.  

Ms Scott writes: “… my [undergraduate research assistant] Sable Thompson … deserves the praise as she is the one who designed the poster & presented. She really did a fantastic job!!!

Scott, B. M., Thompson, S., Winship, K., Lafo, J., Marsiske, M., & Bowers D. (2017, April). Changes in functional independence over 3 years in de novo Parkinson’s disease motor subtypes.  Poster presentation at the Florida Society of the Social Sciences, 12thAnnual Meeting, Gainesville, Florida.”

Sable Thompson represents her poster at the competition

In an email from organizer Julia M Arroyo (a doctoral student in Sociology and Criminology), we learned:

“[On April 15, 2017], 225 students, faculty, and community members gathered at the Reitz Union at the University of Florida for the 12th Annual Conference of the Social Sciences: From Social Problems to Social Promise. There, Prof. Carla Shedd, Assistant Professor of African American Studies and Sociology at Columbia University delivered a keynote speech, When Protection Becomes Punishment: America’s Juvenile Court System & the Carceral Continuum. Many thanks to faculty and students who planned, publicized, and carried out the conference. Their support was key in helping F3S enact the mission keynote speaker, Prof. Carla Shedd, laid before us: ensuring that our institutions work to nurture a brighter, more equitable future for youth, families, communities, and globe.

F3S members were so impressed by the depth and quality of work presented on Saturday, April 15th. Reviewing abstracts and presentations and selecting the “best” from among them was an extremely difficult task. Still, I am reaching out to you to give special recognition to the top three winners of the Outstanding Poster and Outstanding Paper Competition at the 12th Annual Conference of the Social Sciences. One or more of the winners hails from your department.

F3S thanks your department for mentoring scholars with the skills and vision to change the world!

Outstanding Poster Competition

3rd Place:
Changes in Functional Independence Over 3 Years in De Novo Parkinson’s Disease Motor Subtypes
Bonnie M. Scott
Clinical and Health Psychology
University of Florida

2nd Place:
Double Eyelids, Spas, Hyungs, and Oppas: Popular Culture Influence on South Korean Men
Isabella Tripodi-Munoz
Flagler College

1st Place:
Creeping Distrust: How Neoliberal Rhetoric Pits Poor Communities Against Each Other
Alia DeLong
Family, Youth & Community Sciences
University of Florida

Outstanding Paper Competition

3rd Place:
Rowdy Friends, Romance, and Coping: Substance Use in Top Country Music, 1944 – 2012
C. Cory Lowe
Sociology and Criminology & Law
University of Florida

2nd Place:
Educational Robotics Implementation in a Middle School Classroom: A Case Study
Wenjing Luo
School of Teaching & Learning
University of Florida

1st Place:
Use Hopscotch to Develop Computational Thinking in Elementary School: A Case Study
Jiahui Wang
School of Teaching & Learning
University of Florida

The winners were recognized at the closing ceremony, and received an F3S t-shirt. This week, winners will receive a certificate and trophy, and their pictures will be posted to F3S’s Facebook and Twitter account. Leaders in their department were notified, and their names will be listed on F3S’s website,

F3S is proud of the scope of the awardees—three UF Colleges are represented, two Florida universities, five disciplines, five graduate students, and one undergraduate student. We hope that you will recognize their accomplishment publicly.

Please continue to encourage your students to participate in F3S and the Annual Conference of the Social Sciences. This year’s conference was a success thanks to a countless number of emails forwarded by supporters like you, 40+ volunteers, 70+ presenters, a dozen dedicated members, and six campus partners.

Congratulations again on having such amazing scholars in your program, and be in touch as needed!

Julia, 16-17 President

Thanks to all volunteers!

There were 40+ volunteers who were crucial to bringing this event to light. These included: Morgan Sanchez, Lin Zhang, Jiahui Wang, Maria Vrachioli, Dr. Nicholas Vargas, Shreedevi Kumar, Montana Sewell, Sierra Schnable, Morgan Sanchez, Tammy Samuels-Jones, JD Dimanche, Charlotte Bolch, Corey Lowe, Ernie Rice, Danny Acton, Sara Moore, Sydney Golditch, Micah Johnson, Dr. Chuck Peek, Jen Nicholas, Christina McGrath Fair, Lucy March, Min Li, Matt Levin, Kristen Benedini, Zoe Arthurson McColl, Marup Hossain, David Cañarte, Stephanie Dhuman, Kate Fogarty, Marcus Francois, Dr. Barb Zsembik, Dr. Sofia Acord, Carissa Cullum, Heather Covington, Dr. Marian Borg, Dr. Tanya Cox, Dr. Ibram X Kendi, Timothy Blanton, Elizabeth Currin, Shimeng Dai, Lisette Tolentino, Mandisa Haarhoff, Caroline Schubert, and Lisandra Villalobos.

Thank you to F3S’s 12th Annual Campus Partners, whose support was crucial to the event’s success: UF Student Government, UF College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Department of Sociology and Criminology & Law, Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere, Center for Gender, Sexualities, and Women’s Studies Research, and School of Teaching & Learning.

Congratulations to newly elected executives! In the coming weeks, these execs will be looking for chairs and committee members to support them, so if you know of students who are right for the job, please pass the word along.

President: Stephanie Dhuman, Sociology
Vice President: Morgan Sanchez, Sociology
Treasurer: Charlotte Bolch, Statistics Education
Secretary: Montana Sewell, Counselor Education
Florida Society of the Social Sciences
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