CHP represented in worldwide March For Science

Our Chair, Glenn E. Smith, PhD, marched in the Washington #MarchForScience with APA

For real-time updates on the March for Science, visit:

As the picture above shows, our department chair was among those represented at the Washington March for Science. Many CHP students and faculty marched in the Gainesville March for Science.

Take a look at some of these global images captured by psychologists at regional marches — most of these folks are not from CHP, but they represent the huge community of psychologists for science with whom we are aligned.

Program graduate Kelsey M. Thomas, PhD, and her husband Jared at the San Diego March for Science

Chicago. Source: Twitter (@AAWilliamsPhD )
Washington (Source: Twitter, @APAScience)
Houston (Source: Twitter, @DrEarlTurner)
(Source: Twitter, @DrEarlTurner )
Connecticut (Source: Twitter, @IanAGutierrez)
Washington (Source: Twitter, @hunterclary)
Despite the rain (Source: Twitter @HeatherKellyPhD)
Can you spot a familiar face? All generations (Source: Twitter, @APAScience)
PSYCHed for Science (Source: Twitter, @APAScience)
Iowa State (Source: Twitter, @CAMeissner)
Denver (Source: Twitter, @AnneClearyPhD)
Edinburgh, Scotland (Source:Twitter)
Mizzou (Source: Twitter, @DrDawnHuber)