CHP in the Gainesville March For Science

Psychologists took to the streets of Gainesville on April 22, 2017. 

As Rus Bauer, our Director of Clinical Training, said to the department: “The CHP attendance was truly impressive.  Special thanks to our Dean, Mike Perri, for marching with us!!  I am hopeful that this and other Marches will make an impression on the decision makers.  Psychological science is very important in today’s healthcare environment since so many of our key health problems have important behavioral components.  Psychological science is key!  We put the ‘PSY’ in ‘Psyence’. Thanks to everyone for coming out today!  We represented our field very well.   Go Gators!!”

For more on the March goals, please see

To see CHP represented among the thousands of psychologists, worldwide, who marched, please see

Photo credits: Rus Bauer, Dawn Bowers, David Fedele, Ann Horgas, Lindsay Rotblatt, Ron Rozensky, Glenn Smith

Free Galileo! (Ron Rozensky)
Vaughn Bryant
Junior CHPers (Ron Cohen’s daughter and friend)
Mike Perri, Aviva Ariel-Donges and Patrick Donges
(L-R) Patrick Donges, Michael Marsiske, Aviva Ariel-Donges, Talia Seider, Sarah Szymkowicz, Jacqueline Maye, Ron Rozensky
Michael Perri (Dean, College of Public Health and Health Professions)
Ron Rozensky amongst hordes of marching scientists
Michael Marsiske, Jacqueline Maye, and Lindsay Rotblatt
Sarah Greif and Lindsay Rotblatt
Sam Crowley and Brittany Bailey
Sarah Stromberg (right) standing guard over Lise De Wit, Rachel Sweenie, Aviva Ariel-Donges
Patrick Donges, Michael Marsiske, Aviva Ariel-Donges, Dawn Bowers, Talia Seider, Sarah Szymkowicz
Mike Perri and Aviva Ariel-Donges
Jackie Maye and Rus Bauer
Front: Guest, Marie Chardon, Lise De Wit, Janelle Letzen, Talia Seider, Sarah Greif Middle: Dawn Bowers, Jackie Maye, Sarah Szymkowicz, Rachel Sweenie, Lindsay Rotblatt, Bob Henderson, Aviva Ariel-Donges Back: Rus Bauer, Kendra Krietsch, Sarah Stromberg, Vaughn Bryant, Chuck Crew, Patrick Donges, Guest
Janelle Letzen
Jessica Zakrewski
Leslie Gaynor and Jessica Zakrewski
Lise De Wit and non-rabid pooch
Sarah Greif, Lindsay Rotblatt, Jackie Maye
Clockwise from top left: Vaughn Bryant, Sam Crowley, Rachel Sweenie, Brittany Bailey
(L-R) Patrick Donges, Michael Marsiske, Aviva Ariel-Donges, Talia Seider, Sarah Szymkowicz, Jackie Maye, Ron Rozensky
Junior PSY-entists in training
Talia Seider
(L-R) Kendra Krietsch, Janelle Letzen, Marie Chardon, Sarah Stromberg
Aviva Ariel-Donges, Talia Seider, Kendra Krietsch, Janelle Letzen