Dr. Lang Celebrates 35 Years of Service To UF

Dr. Lang was recently honored for 35 years of continued service to the University of Florida.

Executive Associate Dean Dr. Stephanie Hanson, Dr. Peter Lang, and Dean Dr. Michael Perri


Peter Lang, Ph.D. came to the University of Florida in 1981 as a Graduate Research Professor in the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology. Over the past 35 years he has made countless contributions to the study of emotion, anxiety and phobia, psychophysiology, brain imaging, and cognitive neuroscience through his research and teaching. He serves as the Director of the NIMH Center for the Study of Emotion and Attention (CSEA) and oversees the UF Fear and Anxiety Disorders Clinic.

Dr. Lang was recently honored by the College of Public Health and Health Professions for his continued commitment to the department, college, and university at the PHHP Annual Staff and Faculty Appreciation Dinner in December 2016. Thank you Dr. Lang for your continued service and contributions to the department, its students, and the field of psychology!