Rozensky nurtures our Oxford “ties”

rozensky_oxfordProfessor and Chair Emeritus made third visit to Oxford

During a recent trip to the University of Oxford, in England, Ronald Rozensky, Ph.D., ABPP, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology, met with Paul Kennedy, PhD, Director of the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in the Harris Manchester College at Oxford (  Dr. Rozensky is the one wearing the Harris Manchester college tie.

This was Dr. Rozensky’s third trip to Oxford including an extended stay in the summer of 2001. During that visit he taught, toured various clinical facilities, and provided the keynote speech to the British Psychological Association’s Group of Trainers in Clinical Psychology from across the United Kingdom during their meeting that summer at Oxford.

Dr. Kennedy noted that since the early 2000s clinical psychology in the UK increasingly has focused on health related activities beyond its traditional mental health focus. Because of the relationship between the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) and funding of clinical psychology programs, after matriculation, each clinical student is funded as an “employee” of the NHS as related to their various clinical training rotations. Because admission is based on expected workforce needs for (future) psychologists, each student is essentially guaranteed on open position when they graduate.

Dr. Kennedy wanted the faculty and students at UF to know that each of the Oxford students who have spent a summer training in the Department of Clinical Psychology have returned to the UK and focused their careers on health psychology related research and service. Dr. Kennedy noted “Their time at Florida was a career shaping experience for each of them … We look forward to more students traveling to Florida and students and faculty coming to Oxford to learn about and from our course.”

rozensky_oxford2There is a plaque hanging near the CHP conference room, with a water color of Oxford’s “dreamy spires,” that lists the names of faculty and students from each program who visited the other. Currently Dr. Waxenberg is the CHP contact person for the Oxford Program