Event teaches ways to cook, store healthy foods, making them fast and easy

ManalCHP among contributors to campus-wide obesity health disparities initiative

CHP doctoral student Manal Alabduljabbar served as an event co-chair for the Obesity Disparities Research and Intervention Seminar Series Nutrition Education Family Event on Saturday May 21, 2016. The event was sponsored by UF’s Multidisciplinary Academic-Community Obesity Disparities Research Partnership (MACOD-R Carolyn Tucker, Ph.D., Psychology, serves as Director; event chairs included Neil Rowland, Ph.D., Psychology, Ms. Kourtney Oliver, and Mr. Anthony Pierce). The event was aimed at educating attendees at how to cook and store healthy foods that could, nonetheless, provide fast and convenient meals.

A full story about the event can be found in the Gainesville Sun (http://www.gainesville.com/article/20160522/ARTICLES/160529939/0/search).

The MACOD-R partnership (http://ufhealthdisparities.med.ufl.edu/macod-r-partnership/) is an “equal partnership for patients, providers, researchers, and community stakeholders to learn from and teach each other about preventing and eliminating obesity disparities in Florida”. The Multidisciplinary Academic-Community Obesity Disparities Research (MACOD-R) Partnership was established in February 2014 as a part of a grant titled Multidisciplinary Academic-Community Symposium Series to Build an Obesity Disparities Research Infrastructure and Agenda (Principal Investigators: Dr. Carolyn M. Tucker, Dr. David Janicke, Dr. Daniel Wilson, and Dr. David Wood). The purpose of the grant—which was funded by a grant mechanism developed by UF Health and the UF Clinical and Translational Research Institute—was to (1) plan and conduct a community-engaged obesity disparities symposium series; (2) synthesize the symposia proceedings into an Obesity Disparities Research Agenda for Florida; (3) develop a sustainable University of Florida dual-site (Gainesville and Jacksonville) community research partnership and infrastructure; and (4) establish the University of Florida – Community Obesity and Obesity Disparities Research and Intervention (ODRI) Center.

CHP faculty members David Janicke, Steven Anton (Institute on Aging) and Ronald Cohen (Cognitive Aging and Memory Program), along with doctoral student Allyson Diggins, has also been active contributors to the MACOD-R partnership.