CHP student wins research fellowship

Jacqueline Maye (mentor: Michael Marsiske) has been named a 2016 Research Fellow to the Mind and Life Summer Research Institutemaye 1

Each summer, the Mind and Life Institute ( offers a summer research institute.

The Mind & Life Institute is a non-profit organization committed to building a scientific understanding of the mind as a way to help reduce suffering and promote human flourishing. To accomplish this, we foster interdisciplinary dialogue between Western science, philosophy, humanities, and contemplative traditions, supporting the integration of first-person inquiry through meditation and other contemplative practices into traditional scientific methodology.

The Mind and Life Summer Research Institute (MLSRI), held annually at the Garrison Institute in New York, is a week-long event to foster collaborative research in behavioral science, neuroscience, clinical science, and the humanities based on a process of inquiry, dialogue, and collaboration with contemplative practitioners and scholars. The long-term objective is to advance the training of a new generation of interdisciplinary scholars interested in exploring the influence of contemplative practice on mind, behavior, brain function, and health, including the potential role of contemplative methods in shaping and enriching human experience and consciousness.

A small number of annual research fellows is selected from a competitive pool to attend the Institute. Some qualify for scholarships and tuition reduction. This year, Jacqueline Maye was named to receive the fellowship.

Ms. Maye (  is a doctoral student in CHP. Her interests include successful aging, the early detection of dementia, and interventions targeted at delaying cognitive and functional decline in older adults. Ms. Maye has developed a particular research interest in alternative approaches to cognitive and emotional intervention, in particular, mindfulness meditation. Her dissertation is expected to explore attentional and emotional changes in older adults that occur throughout the course of a mindfulness intervention program.