Tanisha Hill-Jarrett, M.S., receives 2016 Dissertation Award from APA’s Society for Clinical Neuropsychology

Tanisha 1

Tanisha Hill-Jarrett is a 5th year doctoral student in the neuropsychology track. She was recently awarded this prestigious Division 40 APA award for her dissertation:   “Attention systems and their Interactions Following Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): The Role of White Matter Changes in Frontoparietal Networks”. The award includes $1000 of funding and a $1000 travel supplement to present her findings at the APA convention. Tanisha is mentored by Drs. Bauer and Perlstein.  In addition to her interests in traumatic brain injury, Tanisha is working on projects evaluating cultural equivalence in neuropsychological assessment instruments in an attempt to improve the culture-fairness of these tests when applied to different racial and ethnic groups.