CHP Hosts Top Students

Florida Gator

On February 19-20, 2016, the Department of Clinical & Health Psychology will host 50 of the top bachelor’s and master’s students making applications to Clinical Psychology doctoral programs across the United States.  These students, selected from an impressive group of over 300 applicants, are the best and the brightest applicants in a highly competitive admissions environment.

Because of the increasing relevance of clinical psychology to understanding and addressing key health problems facing individuals, families, and communities, there is strong competition for admission to programs offering research- and practice-based education in clinical psychology.  This is a strength of our program.  Our visitors represent the future of our field, and were selected based on their outstanding academic, research, and service accomplishments.

During the weekend, the applicants will meet with faculty and students and will learn all that the Department and the UF community has to offer in helping them meet their educational and training goals.  Additional opportunities to interact with faculty and students in more informal social settings are also planned as a way of communicating our strengths, resources, and enthusiasm for training the next generation of professional psychologists.

It’s great to be a Florida Gator!