Congratulations to the winners of the second annual NeurOlympics!

2014-09-29_Post Photo_NeurolympicsTeam Basal Gangstas (Janelle Letzen, Kelsey Thomas, Paul Mangal, Jason Gravano, Loren Hizel) closely edged out two other teams to become the winners of the 2nd annual NeurOlympics, a student organized competition that tests neural knowledge. The event was sponsored by the UF Association of Neuropsychological Students in Training (ANST) and the Student Functional Connectivity Group.  All teams were composed of CHP graduate students, and the competition was very heated and  close.

Team Cereballers: Bret Asken, Jacob Jones, Josh Kirton, Jacob Lafo, Jackie Maye, Bonnie Scott

Team Publix Fornix-ation: Joe Gullet, Molly McLaren, Kristin Moffet, Molly Sullan, Aliyah Snynder,  Sara Szymkowicz